Harold Soto Boigues – The CEO of Hanson Group of Companies

Harold Soto Boigues is an entrepreneur with extraordinary abilities, has made strategic alliances with several banks and investment companies in Hong Kong, Dubai, Panama and England. Harold Soto Boigues is an executive director of Hanson Group USA Finance and CEO of The Hanson Group of Companies & Investment in World Trade Center-Panama. As well as a businessman, he is a family man also and mostly loves to spend time exploring Miami with his family.




Harold Soto Boigues – Role Model Of Many Youngsters In The U.S.A

Harold Soto Boigues

Harold Soto Boigues is one of the most successful businessmen with extraordinary abilities in the United States of America. The most important lesson that Harold Soto Boigues taught his kids is to be discipline & hard working in life. Harold soto Boigues is the husband of Almellis soto who is a social worker and well known celebrity from U.S.A. Both of them are role models for many of youngsters in the U.s.a. Every Weekned they go to the church where they find protection from the sinful and demonic forces of this world

Harold Soto Boigues – Well know BusinessMan From Santo Domingo

When you ask for a man that is most successful entrepreneur from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic’s capital, you would be sent Harold Soto Boigues. Not only is he a successful businessman, but he also donates a large amount of his time in various philanthropic endeavours. He is now the vice president of Latin America. He love his family more and spend free time exploring Miami with his family.

Harold Soto Boigues – A Most Famous Entrepreneur in the World

Failure is not the alternative to success. Harold Soto Boigues is one of the most famous entrepreneur in the world, but he didn’t earn his fortune in a straight line to success. He struggled very hard at starting. Because of his boundless innovations, now he is an impressive entrepreneur. Along with a top businessman, he’s a family man also and mostly loves to spend time with his family.